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Our cannabis consulting services cover all corners of the industry.

Are you an established LP looking to optimize production? Our Master Growers and Certified Trainers are here to lend their in-house expertise. Are you a startup in the process of designing your facility? We’ll connect you to leading equipment distributors and Project Managers. Gain access to onsite staff training and cutting-edge gear that maximizes every crop. These turnkey solutions span indoor, greenhouse and outdoor production.

Our cannabis consulting experts even offer license acquisition services for industry newcomers, which includes not only LP and ACMPR but also micro licensing and nursery licensing as well as renewals.

Passionate about agriculture, our team has the hands-on resources your business needs to make its mark and increase shareholder value. Gain insight into seeding, potency proficiency and pest control; benefit from our expansive network of specialists and suppliers. With our all-angles consultation approach, your business will be flowering in no time.

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