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Cannathrive is pleased to participate in the development of the largest outdoor cannabis garden in Quebec with 48,000,000 square feet of culture. With its exclusive high-rate CBD genetics and a cutting edge processing plant, Canna-Culture is doomed to become a major player in the CBD market and Cannathrive is very proud to be part of it.

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With innovative techniques and highly skilled employees, CannaBista works to solve anxiety and obesity problems while limiting negative side effects. It is the only company that focuses on creating medical pharmaceutical ingredients that can treat these diseases with a natural organic source. Cannathrive is proud to offer its advices and thus collaborated to the success of Cannabista.

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Cannathrive is proud to work alongside Green Peak in its mission to grow a premium quality flower in a professional environment. With its micro-cultivation license, Green Peak will be able to achieve high quality standards, in high yields, and in an irreproachable consistency. Together, Green Peak and Cannathrive will help increase the quality of the products available on the market.

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