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Jonathane Seguin

Founder and CEO

A self-taught entrepreneur and forward-thinker, Jonathane’s far-reaching business career spans everything from construction and real estate to coffee distribution. He has been consulting the cannabis industry since the first medical cannabis growers emerged in 1997. Over these two decades, his forward-thinking approach to doing business has awarded him a vast network of specialists and manufacturers who all share his passion for innovation.

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Phone: 514.833.8378

Thierry Gervais, MD, M. Sc.

Chief Operating Officer

Thierry is a senior consultant in organizational development. A seasoned expert in productivity and reliability problems, well versed in governmental affairs, he designs operational risk management plans, advises leaders and coaches executive managers. For more than 25 years, his original approach, supported by cognitive ergonomics, has allowed him to deliver the best integrated solutions to adapt structures, corporate cultures, procedures and work practices in high stakes and heavily regulated industries such as aviation – marine – defence – health, as well as in the banking sector
and public administration. He has taken on the challenge of supporting changes in the cannabis industry as of 2019.

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Phone: 514.850.7646

Samuel Aubert

Senior Consultant | Sales & Marketing

For more than a decade, Samuel has been a passionate cannabis activist. He has worked extensively as a counselor in the medicinal cannabis industry and has served as both a salesperson and manager for a hydroponics and urban gardening company. As a medicinal cannabis client himself, Samuel fully understands the needs and expectations of his people. He holds a degree in industrial design and has knowledge in mechanical engineering and analytical chemistry.

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Phone: 514.435.4474

Emanuele Guy, M. Sc


Emanuèle is a young entrepreneur specializing in strategic business development. She holds a Master’s Degree in Management Science (M.Sc) in strategy from HEC Montréal and a BBA in marketing and public relations. Her robust critical and creative spirit extends to all activities relating to marketing new products or services. Emanuèle’s sharp problem-solving and analytic skills have given way to numerous success stories.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 514.813.2588

Patrice Goulet

Distribution Specialist

Patrice is a distribution guru with nearly 15 years of experience in R&D, manufacturing, and horticulture equipment sales, including those for the cannabis industry. Having studied electrical engineering with a specialisation in power electronics, he is extremely versed in industrial installations and works closely with our clients to devise winning action plans for lightmapping, automation, control systems, and much more.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 514.929.9986

Genevieve Bolduc

Accounting and Finance

For more than 20 years, Geneviève served as controller and accountant for the automotive industry. Highly specialized in restructuring and training, she is valued for her outside-the-box approach to task mastering. Geneviève spearheads all financial aspects of the company including bookkeeping, budgeting and forecasting.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 514.591.3997

Louise Lauzon

Administrative Assistant | Medical License Specialist

Louise has been working for more than 15 years as an administrative assistant and accounting technician, as well as freelance translator and text editor. Her past as an entrepreneur, her vast experience in business, among other things in the construction field, and her involvement as a board member of different organizations, allow her to understand all aspects of business management.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 514.709.4463

Gabriel Pelletier

Medical License Specialist

Visionary and ambitious, Gabriel has accumulated a lot of experiences on many levels in the industry, in Canada and across the border. His great passion for horticulture has allowed him to accumulate a unique background in the different treatments of the plant and its environment. Equipped with a degree in business management, as well as a broad understanding of the medical sector related to cannabis, makes him an exceptional candidate for the medical licensing specialist position.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 438.989.2224

Claude Larrivée Aboussafy, Ph. D.

Director of Quality Assurance and R&D

Claude is an organic chemist with experience in the pharmaceutical industry. She completed her Bachelor in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Université de Sherbrooke and her PhD in Organic Chemistry at University of Alberta. During her career, she has performed the synthesis of many types of compounds, analyzed pharmaceutical products, and developed Standard Operating Procedures for companies in the chemical industry. Claude is very talented in designing synthesis of complex molecules and has been published in several high impact journals. She also has experience in administration and translation of scientific documents.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 780.264.0344

Landon C. A. Zarowny, Ph. D.


After completing high school, Landon worked several jobs in the oilfield including drilling water wells, oilfield service rigs, and construction. Landon desired a higher education and completed a double major bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry at the University of Alberta. During this time, he started working at research lab and continued his studies there to complete his Ph. D. in Chemistry with a focus in protein and metabolic engineering. Landon has a wealth of experience in bioanalytical/analytical techniques and a passion for precision in the lab.

Jean Otis, Eng.

Manufacturing Expert

A graduate of École de Technologie Supérieur, Jean Otis is a manufacturing expert with experience in the Pharmacochemical industry. As a project manager, he implemented the complete automation of major petrochemical plant and oversaw the maintenance. Jean now serves as our GMP specialist where he lends his knowledge of HVAC, water purification, and lean manufacturing (among many other skills) to cannabis businesses of all sizes.

Mathieu Côté, Eng., PMP.

Senior Engineering Advisor

Mathieu is a Senior Engineering Manager with more than 15 years of GMP experience in manufacturing, equipment and infrastructure integration for the pharmaceutical and agro-food industries. He ensures an effective engineering platform for cannabis installation and related processes. Specializing in production and packaging equipment, he also has a strong knowledge of building utilities/services and related infrastructure systems. His deep understanding of global stakeholders’ needs and ability to manage large-capex projects makes him an invaluable asset to the Cannathrive team.

Azucena Juarez, Eng.

Chemical Engineer

Azucena is a young chemical engineer passionate about science and business growth approaches. She holds a master’s degree in project management from the University of Barcelona and a bachelor’s degree from the Higher Education School of Chemical Engineering and Extractive Industries in Mexico City. Azucena is renowned for her ability to improve customer satisfaction through her excellent communication skills and enthusiasm for top-quality production.

Simon Vanasse

Architectural Technologist

With knowledge ranging from landscaping to architecture to industrial mechanics, Simon holds a degree in architecture technology. For over 10 years, he has been a passionate designer and manager in the field of large-scale commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-residential building construction. His sharp analytic spirit, attention to detail and logic, along with his expertise, make him a key reference in cannabis production facility design. He constantly strives for excellence.

Marc-André Laperle

Master Grower

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone with a bigger passion for the cannabis plant than Marc-André. With 15 years of growing experience under his belt, he specializes in indoor system design and boasts a comprehensive knowledge of organic growing, plant nutrition, pest management and automated systems. Over the last decade, Marc-André has managed several successful production facilities and has won awards for creating high THC and terpene strains.

Simon Duguay

Master Grower

Simon has broken so many production records that his peers nicknamed him Guinness. He lives and breathes horticulture and has worked with both indoor and outdoor facilities, having gotten his start on vineyards, orchards and as a foreman for oil companies. Simon has more than 12 years of experience in his field and is well versed in a wide spectrum of strains. Having lent his expertise to businesses in Quebec, he is versed in the full gamut of growing climates. 

Gilles Lavoie

HVACR Expert

With more than 40 years of HVACR experience in the field of equipment distribution, business development and administration, he brings us the expertise that allows us to have a global offer. Passionate about the environment and new green technologies, his many travels ensure that for him ecology and economy go hand in hand in any project.

Marc-André Manseau

Producer | Director | Content Creator

Marc-André has fifteen years of experience working in video production, artistic & technical direction, video photojournalism, business management, staff and crew coordination, and live event planning. With his extensive knowledge of the video production industry, and his many years of experience in working with international and local partners & associates, he has become a Producer, Director, and Editor of audiovisual content, broadcast documentaries, corporate videos, multi-platform projects, and interactive media for Cannathrive.

Jessica Seguin

Sales and Business Development

Jessica got her start in business development by spearheading a highly successful coffee supply and service company that now serves more than 100 commercial accounts and thousands of satisfied coffee lovers. Her industry experience has awarded her a deep understanding of corporate strategies and tactics, which extends to sales as well as the management of foreign capital markets and investors.

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