Cannathrive Distribution is almost ready to launch!
Cannathrive Distribution is almost ready to launch!
Cannathrive Distribution is almost ready to launch!

Cannathrive Distribution Mexico

Your Leader in CBD Products in Mexico

Distribution Mexico

Your Leader in CBD Products in Mexico

Our catalog of cannabis partners keeps expanding. To help growing businesses like yours, we’ve created Cannathrive Distribution, a potent network that connects vendors, industry-leading LPs and suppliers of cutting-edge production products.

Are you actively participating to the market?

Are you actively participating to the market?

Cannathrive Distribution gives your business access to high-quality cannabis commodities including many CBD products: Extracts, Edibles & Capsules, Tinctures, Vaping, Body Care, Veterinary, Addiction Treatment and much more.









The Founders

The Founders

Aldo Guechi Ortiz

Founder and CEO

Born in Guadalajara and raised in Mexico, Aldo Guechi has a storied professional background that includes everything from advisory work at HSBC to construction entrepreneurship. As a young adult, he found himself drawn to the medical cannabis industry, inspired by the way the plant helps better the lives of people suffering. Following his passion, Aldo became one of the first licensed dealers in Mexico, garnering a robust network spanning private industries and the healthcare sector. Over time, his reach extended overseas to key industry players, specifically in Europe. Using all the contacts and resources he had at his disposal, Aldo began his quest to conquer the CBD, recreational, and medical cannabis markets by founding Cannathrive Distribution Mexico. Today, Aldo serves as the CEO of Cannathrive Distribution Mexico.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 514 467-2300

Jonathane Seguin

Founder and COO

A self-taught entrepreneur and forward-thinker, Jonathane’s far-reaching business career spans everything from construction and real estate to coffee distribution. He has been consulting the cannabis industry since the first medical cannabis growers emerged in 1997. Over these two decades, his forward-thinking approach to doing business has awarded him a vast network of specialists and manufacturers who all share his passion for innovation.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 514 833-8378

Moises Guechi Ortiz

Founder and CFO

Moises majored in business administration from the University of Guadalajara. With 20 years of success in financial products and services, he started his career in one of the biggest financial institutions in Mexico. His goal focused approach, great attention to details and customer-first mindset allowed him to lead, develop and promote new areas of service in order to offer a personalised service for his clients.

Raul Huerta Romero

Founder and Engineer

Raul is a Mexican chemical engineer passionate about learning and keeping up with the latest technologies. He has specialized in agriculture and renewable energies. Rich of experiences developing successful environmental projects throughout his career, Mr. Romero is a team leader, a chemist and project consultant. His sharp methodological approach, his extensive knowledge of environment engineering and his devotion to create an eco-friendly production gives added value to the final product by generating durability and availability.

Francisco Gerardo Castañeda Aguirre

Founder and Agronomist

Francisco is an agronomist and entrepreneur, he holds a master degree in Urban mobility. His unique eye for business has allowed his founded company to thrive. As director he has successfully stablished several mobility systems which all answer specific needs in different cities of Mexico.

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