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For persons wishing to apply to ACMPR, or ACMPR medical reassessments.

379 $

5 grams per day

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499 $

10 grams per day

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699 $

20 grams per day

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899 $

30 grams per day

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1099 $

40 grams per day

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1249 $

50 grams per day

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1449 $

60 grams per day

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1599 $

70 grams per day

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1749 $

80 grams per day

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1899 $

90 grams per day

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1999 $

99 grams per day

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249 $

5 grams per day

* Prescription only
* Does not allow you to grow your own medical cannabis.

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* All prices are subject to taxes rates in different provinces.
* Above prices include, M.D. telemedicine, medical authorization, plus expedition to your door.
* All prices are subject to change.


How long does a medical application take?
Typically we strive for and achieve a one week medical prescription completion by our doctors. Express Courier to Health Canada.
What is the process?
1. Fill in Consulting agreement, sign and scan, then email to the email in the HOW TO Instructions, section. Read the F.A.Q. and fee schedule for most answers.
2. You will be given an authorization number and it will be signed off on by our firm.
3. We will send you the invoice and, after receiving your payment, we will send you the medical documents you need to fill and sign before the medical consultation.
4. After the receiving of your medical documents and Ids, we will book the medical consultation with our doctor. The consultation will be done by Skype.
5. All fees are fully refundable if the doctor does not approve your medical prescription, but if Health Canada does not approve, then in that case, all fees are not refundable.
If I have an old MMAR license do I qualify?
Yes, MMAR licenses are grandfathered ONLY to their original production site. Thus many of our clients seek to join the ACMPR so they may garden where they wish or have a designated gardener for themselves.
How do I calculate how many plants can I grow with my medical license?
My doctor will not increase my dosage and I use cannabis oil, can your doctors help?
Yes, in the Smith SCC case extracts, such as cannabis oil, tinctures, teas, salves, butter and shatter and juicing all termed “extracts” or “derivatives” became legal in 2015 for all medical patients. Our doctors fully recognize that ingestion methods other than smoking dried marijuana, that Health Canada once mandated are much more beneficial. Such as oils like Phoenix Tears have much better medical effectiveness, and treat more conditions with much better efficiency, based on the published literature. So our doctors realize that it takes a higher dosage to create and use extracts. This was also recognized in the Allard trial as well as the Smith case at the SCC.
If I am a first time applicant, do I qualify?
Sure, providing you have documented medical conditions that you choose to use cannabis to alleviate.
Do I have to renew annually?

Unfortunately, that is out of our hands and is currently a federal requirement by Health Canada even for those with permanent medical conditions. We know, ridiculous right?

What are the fees?
They vary by medical condition such as chronic or terminal, length of consult etc. and your own personal medical need. Please see attached fee schedule.
How long does a Health Canada ACMPR medical use of cannabis application take?
Well that varies. There has been recent legal efforts to expedite the process so we hope to see a reasonable 4 week application approval time by Health Canada, soon. This is completely out of our control, although we have developed unique ways to expedite your application and ways to deal with delayed applications.
Is the ACMPR still in effect?
The term ACMPR should no longer be used since the legalization on October 17, 2017. The Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations are now part of the Cannabis Regulations SOR / 2018-144 (See Part 14 of the law). The only other legislative document in force is the Cannabis Act S.C. 2018, ch.16. The acronym ACMPR is still used by habit, but it is important to note that the Codification is now obsolete.

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