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Wouldn’t you be happy to legally grow your own cannabis and cultivate the strains you like without relying on someone else for your supply? This is an offer that won’t last. So if you are interested, don’t hesitate and contact us now!

Get a prescription now before it’s too late. The government will probably make no distinction between recreational cannabis and medical cannabis in the next few years. Getting a prescription and a right to grow today ensures that you are grandfathered in, potentially granting you legal safeguards. Do not miss this opportunity!

Since legalization in Canada, cannabis has never been so regulated. Having a medical prescription should be accessible to anyone who considers their usage even just a bit therapeutic.

Our health care specialist will be pleased to provide you with a prescription with the dosage that YOU consider appropriate for your use. Your body is a temple, so why should someone else decide what is best for YOU?

The staff and doctors are not here to judge you at all!

Our simple process will allow you to receive your medication and authorization as quickly and easily as possible.

Call or email us to receive your forms right now!

Our experts will provide you with some easy-to-fill forms to put the process in motion. We will walk you through each step of the application process. Are you ready to start?

Contact our team and ask for your form today! You could also get a referral commission if you recommend some of your friends!

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