Production Services

Facility Design

A potent crop requires a potent project manager. Ours has more than 25 years of experience in his field. He’ll ensure all steps are in order so your facility functions like a well-oiled machine for years to come. Gain big insight into every aspect of the production process.

Master Growers

Our master growers offer innovative horticulture, agriculture and botany solutions you may not even know are available to you. Plant maintenance, harvesting, transplanting—every aspect of your production will be tackled with a quality-first approach.

Production Optimization

If your facility’s already up and running but you want to enhance productivity, our certified experts offer a full facility audit. You’ll receive a report that outlines all areas of improvement (be them mechanical, environment or human) as well as thorough, person-to-person consultation.

Growing Equipment Distribution

We’re your one-stop shop for every tool of the trade. Working closely with top cannabis supply manufactures, we’ve developed an extensive catalogue of lighting solutions, humidity control systems, growing media, nutrients, fertilizers, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and much more.

Sanitation Products Distribution

Need help making sense of the application process? If you’re preparing to become an LP, Micro producer, nursery licensee or ACMPR our experts will guide you through the woods. We’ll even simplify the renewal process. Save time and costly resources.

HVAC Design and Installation

In cannabis production, refrigeration systems can account for more than 20% of energy consumption. Needless to say, efficiency is top of mind for new growers.

By partnering with forward-thinking HVAC designers, we offer new opportunities to save money without sacrificing air quality.

Automation and Irrigation

We offer a centralized and remote management system that can easily increase your cannabis production. In real-time, you’ll be able to monitor and control factors such as temperature, irrigation and fertigation from any computer, tablet or phone.


Strains all differs from one to the other in terms of effects, characteristics and responses to different growing methods. Catering to all consumer needs, we offer a full spectrum of seeds and clones. Our catalogue includes popular strains such as Bruce Banner, Strawberry Cheesecake, Gelato, White Widow, Where's My Bike, Violator Kush, Chemdawg, Sugar Black Rose and more.

Extraction Services

We have the resources to transform your plants into wax, shatter, crumble, THC distillate or any other popular extraction once it becomes legal. Our processes are safe, clean and maintain the high integrity of your beautiful plants.

Safety Compliance

To be approved by Health Canada, your security system must comply with their standards.
Don’t know how to do it? We do! Let us help you find the right solution to your security needs. We have helped many other cannabis producers and will be happy to help you find the best security contractor for you.

Pest Control

Maximise your yield. Whether you’re combatting insects, mold or fungus, our pest control products are highly effective. Ensuring consumer peace of mind, every one of our sprays is safe and Health Canada approved. We also offer predator insect treatments as chemical-free alternatives to pesticides.

Employee Training & Sourcing

Apart from our in-house growers, we also have access to a catalog of onsite trainers as well as MMAR-experienced cannabis cultivators from the crops of British Columbia. Get onsite growing expertise and hands-on training from industry veterans.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Our QA Lead produces the crucial SOP material required for your business’s license application. He'll also work directly with you to develop fully customized SOPs. We have three unique packages available depending on your business’s needs.

B2B Partnership Network

Thanks to our vast experience in the cannabis industry, we’ve built a wide network of business relations. We have numerous contacts in all sectors of the industry.
Whether you are a new business, or you have been on the market for a while and wish to increase your business contacts, we can help you meet the people who will bring you business to the next level.

Speak to one of our experts today.

We’ll put your budding business on the right track!